Scrum Master E-learning

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Is the Scrum Master E-learning Course for me?

This training is ideal:

  • In preparation for the two-day certified training course, so you can get even more value during your training days
  • When you are looking for the explanation of Scrum and Agile and want to understand and recognize the different terms of the Frameworks
  • If you just want to gain knowledge about the role but not yet the experience as a Scrum Master
  • If you do not want to read the Scrum Guide but do want to know what it contains

Focus and learning objectives

The Scrum master Online training focuses on the theory of Scrum and the basic principles. In addition, this training provides a deep dive in the role of Scrum Master and provides you with tools and tricks to get better in facilitating and coaching of the Scrum Team (Development Team + Product Owner) and the organization.

After following the training you,
  • Understand the Agile mindset
  • Can explain the Scrum framework, the roles, events and artifacts
  • Have a clear understanding of the role of the Scrum Master
  • Have tools and tricks to become better in facilitating the Scrum events and coaching the team in a better way


  • Introduction: Who is the Scrum Master, 0-measurement
  • Difference between Agile and Scrum: Agile vs. Scrum, Agile vs. Waterfall: Agile Manifesto & Principles and Scrum Framework in a nutshell
  • Scrum roles: Product Owner, Development Team and Scrum Master
  • Scrum Events: Sprint, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Daily Scrum
  • Scrum Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Increment
  • Scrum Master and Development Team: Focus on delivering value, How to help the team to become better, Planning Poker and Facilitating the Sprint Retrospective 
  • Scrum Master and the Product Owner: Focus on maximizing Value for the Product, What is value, Value Proposition Design and Roadmaps
  • Scrum Master and the Organization: Focus on the process and improvement, How to pitch Agile/Scrum, Management Coaching, Stacy Matrix and Solving Impediments
  • Exercise: Flashcards, Dilemma's and Final test

Structure Of The Scrum Master Online Training

Everyone starts the Online training with different background. You can easily skip chapters, search, stop and continue and practice with the assignments whenever and as often as you would like. When you follow the training in the preset order, you make optimal use of the didactical structure of the content.

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