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To have a successful Agile transformation, an organization needs to start measuring: before, during and after the transformation. In other words: have a data driven transformation. With a high failure rate for transformations there is a clear case to do so: having insight into the status of your transformation allows you to keep steering it in the right direction. Agile Cockpit is the tool for large organizations which have a strong software component (i.e. they are digital). We help companies focus on becoming more Agile end to end. For this Agile Cockpit provides a platform and a wide range of apps where data adjusts based on the different levels. The combination of our platform and apps help you to realize short communication lines, to improve transparency and collaboration and they offer you the option to become a data driven digital enterprise. Discover what Agile Cockpit can do for you today!

Our suit of applications

Within an organization measuring is very important. Knowing where you stand makes it easier to see progress, know where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Many organizations act on a 'gut-instinct', make decisions and then look for the data to justify it. We make that data available and easy to analyze! It becomes an inherent part of the decision-making and helps you to become truly data-driven. We have a suit of applications that help you provide insight in KPI’s like velocity, time-to-market and value delivery!

The State of Agility

Organizations are often missing the insight into the state of their Agile transformation. Agile Cockpit helps enterprises in the process of validation for inspecting individually and on the organization level. With the State of Agility application it’s easy to self asses before, during and after a transformation. Create a baseline and analyze the different roles in your company. You can really discover where your company stands and what can be improved. It allows you to see and understand the challenges/ issues within your organization which remain unanswered otherwise because there is no data driven logic behind it.

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Every Monday at 09.00 EST/ 15:00 CET/ 18.30 IST, we organize an interactive online demo to explain about our suit of applications. During the 60 minutes we can also directly answer your questions and even set up an account for you after the demo if you would like to try it out for 30 days yourself.


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